Quilting Services

Regina offers professional edge-to-edge quilting services in addition to custom quilting. Edge-to-edge quilting, or pantographs, is a single pattern used on the entire quilt top. Designs are chosen to enhance or compliment your quilt pattern or fabric style. Custom quilting is quilting specifically designed around your individual quilt. Typically, more than one design is utilized for the blocks, borders and sashing. Pricing for both edge-to-edge and custom quilting is determined by size of quilt and complexity of design. Other factors, such as thread choice, pressing, binding, piecing the backing, will also be figured into the total price.


Regina will be happy to meet with you here at Seacoast Sewing & Quilting to answer your questions and suggest thread choices and quilting designs for your quilt. Prepping your quilt is crucial to insure a favorable outcome. She will provide you with a list of guidelines so your finished quilt will look beautiful. Just fill out the form below and Regina will contact you so you can begin the process of finishing your quilt!