Memory Craft 11000
Janome Memory Craft 11000

You expect unrivalled versatility from any Janome machine, but the Janome Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition provides function to surpass your expectations! It's the three-in-one machine you've been dreaming of. You'll find precise sewing, gorgeous embroidery and a host of new features to take quilting to a new level. The Janome 11000 features the new AcuFil™ Quilting System - a revolution in quilt finishing. Stippling in the hoop, 24 AcuFil™ Quilting designs, 24 new quilting designs in 3 styles, and the new AcuFil™ hoop and Template provide quilting possibilities you've never seen in an embroidery machine!

It's The Biggest And The Smallest:
The Janome Memory Craft 11000 has the largest working space of any embroidery machine in it's class to the right of the needle. It has a standard embroidery size of 8" x 8", the largest square embroidery hoop on the market. Because it doesn't require a bulky embroidery attachment, the Janome 11000 is also the most compact of the top-of-the-line machines when in embroidery mode. It's the largest and the smallest at the same time. TheJanome Memory Craft 11000 takes stitch quality to a new level. Using technology developed for industrial desktop robots, it moves the embroidery hoop on a mechanism called the Rolling Linear Motion Guide. It places the hoop with greater precision than any previous Memory Craft. It makes embroidery stitches so precise, they look professionally done even up close.

When The Screen Goes Up The Show Begins:
Did the new wide screen catch your eye? The Memory Craft 11000 has the largest, most colorful touch screen ever made. You won't find anything like it for size or color. With the same pixel resolution as the latest laptops, it can display more than 65,000 colors. And it moves! Utilizing our new i-height technology, you can move the screen up or down. Raise it to give yourself maximum sewing space. Then adjust it to the height that's right for you. Finding your correct eyeline will help avoid neck strain so you can sew comfortably for hours.

Faster, Easier Menus And Editing:
Pick up your stylus (no more finger smudges) and touch the new screen. To better use the extra viewing room, navigation has been streamlined. An improved tab system gets you quickly to the mode or function you want. Editing your embroidery designs on-screen has also gotten easier. The new screen gives you larger, more accurate views. And you get more powerful features, like the Zoom In function. There's even a new feature called Normal Sew that lets you bring 52 selected decorative stitches into the embroidery program. You can manipulate them just like they were embroidery designs. Editing and layout is so easy, you'll be creating amazing designs right out of the box.

A New Dimension In Design Transfer:
The Janome MC11000 gives you five ways to send and receive designs: Direct PC Connection, ATA PC Card, Optional CD-ROM Drive, and a standard USB Memory Stick. And if you really want to go high tech, the wireless optional StitchLink allows you to transfer designs from your computer to your Memory Craft 11000 at the other end of the house. Two-way USB communication, using the included PC Folder Tool software, allows you to access designs on your computer as if they were simply in another folder on your Memory Craft 11000SE.

More Light Is Better:
The screen isn't the only area that's easier on your eyes. The Memory Craft 11000 has a brand new Full Intensity Lighting System. Eight, specially positioned white LED lights make your sewing, quilting, and embroidery easier to see. It's like shining a spotlight right where you need it most.

You'll Love All The Time Saving Features:
From the programmable Automatic Thread Cutter to the Start/Stop button, the Memory Craft 11000SE has lots of ways for you to save sewing time. For instance, you can wind bobbins while you're sewing. And if you quilt, you'll love the "extra hand" you get with the knee lift.

On-Screen Help:
Sometimes you have to see something in action to understand how it works. The Janome Memory Craft 11000SE has help movies that play right on the touchscreen with instructions for threading, buttonholes and more.

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