Dakota Collectibles

Dakota Collectibles is the world's largest supplier of stock embroidery designs. Looking for a particular design? We stock over ONE HUNDRED embroidery CD's, most with 12 to 40 designs, depending on the design size. Our CD's are multi-formatted and can be used with virtually ANY brand of embroidery machine.

Dakota Collectibles Embroidery Design Center was established in 1988 by twin brothers, George and Jerry Westphal, who, at the time, were in the retail embroidery business.

Being embroiderers when they started this company, they recognized the need for a large variety of stock embroidery designs that were high in quality, reasonably priced, and that could be delivered in a timely manner. They decided to start a business that would fulfill this need and, thus, Dakota Collectibles became the first to enter the large-volume stock design supplier market.

Their goal in establishing this new business was to create a company that treated their customers in the highest regard, by emphasizing excellent customer service and speedy product delivery. Foremost, they recognized the needs and concerns of the embroiderer. They work extra hard to provide their customers with designs that will sew right the first time, precise and beautiful. Equally important is having access to the designs that customers are looking for, so they continually add designs of numerous themes to their collection.

With distributors and customers from all over the world, Dakota Collectibles continues to be the World's Largest Supplier of Stock Embroidery Designs.

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